Typhoid Mary

• Production - The Phoenix Theater - 2015 Indianapolis, IN
• Reading - The Lark Playwriting Center - 2014 New York, NY

You’ve probably heard of “Typhoid Mary,” but most of us are unfamiliar with Mary Mallon, the cook behind the name. The startling discovery of Mary’s peculiar disease, as well as her forced quarantine, unfolds in front of a backdrop of changing notions of medicine, morality and cleanliness – Did she willfully infect others? Was she a victim of a misguided medical authority? Or is the truth even stranger?

Nuvo “Typhoid Mary at Phoenix Theatre”

"Typhoid Mary, explores history as something that overlaps the present rather than something that only happened in the past, and as something that merges the factual with the magical or dreamlike. Horan’s perhaps trademark approach is disconcerting but invigorating and ultimately satisfying."
Indiana Business Journal “Typhoid Mary at Phoenix Theatre”

"Like the doctor whose monologue opens his new play, playwright Tom Horan clearly believes in medicinally adding jokes to ease some of life’s brutal realities."

Examiner “Phoenix premiere focuses on early 1900s patient zero”