Indiana Business Journal "Strange and Rewarding Trip at the Phoenix"

"Horan makes clear early that this is no traditional biographical play. It jumps time, offers up characters from Lilly’s hallucinations, and breaks the fourth wall with seemingly reckless abandon. Some of this is wildly funny—but it’s funny with the purpose of taking us into Lilly’s mind, which proves a really interesting place to be."

Nuvo “Typhoid Mary at Phoenix Theatre”

"Typhoid Mary, explores history as something that overlaps the present rather than something that only happened in the past, and as something that merges the factual with the magical or dreamlike. Horan’s perhaps trademark approach is disconcerting but invigorating and ultimately satisfying."

Indiana Business Journal “Typhoid Mary at Phoenix Theatre”

"Like the doctor whose monologue opens his new play, playwright Tom Horan clearly believes in medicinally adding jokes to ease some of life’s brutal realities."

An Indianapolis Hub for New Work by Tom Horan, on HowlRound - February 2014
Playwright-in-Residence by Tom Horan, on HowlRound - December 2013
Script Designer by Tom Horan, on HowlRound - November 2012
"Somehow, the Scenes Still Happen," by Elizabeth Bagby, on collective writing with the group that became Sansculottes, was published in The Writing Group Book (Edited by Lisa Rosenthal, Chicago Review Press, 2003). A slightly modified version appeared in the fall 2004 issue of Dramatics magazine.

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"Five Cooks in the Kitchen?"

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September 2012
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Fusebox Festival – All Shook Up
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Drive-in theatre resurrects rhinestone-suited Elvis in ’50s-themed play

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“Imagine, Nation” – Using play to map the emotional terrain of 9/11
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September 11, 2011 Hiss Gymnasium, University of Texas
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‘A day to remember’

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All Over Creation: Dispatch From the New Theatre Front
Austin Live Theatre
Static by Tom Horan, Lab Theatre, University of Texas, February 17 – 26