13 Dead Husbands

• Production - Sansculottes Theater Company - 2008 Chicago, IL 
• City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs grant.
• Jeff- Recommended 
• Previous Workshop with Director and Company in 2006.

Dee Dee is the most beautiful woman in the world, so beautiful that fantastically wealthy and brilliant men go to mad lengths to woo her and wed her. But shortly after each wedding the husband meets with a rapid, untimely end. Is she cursed? Is all love doomed? Jean-Pierre and Marcel are determined to find out. But soon the friends are competing with each other for the hand of the tragic beauty. When Dee Dee’s location in Paris is revealed to the world by newspaper tycoon Hubert Hubble, Jean-Pierre and Marcel find themselves competing with him as well. Yet, even as they attempt to earn Dee Dee’s love, the three men worry: should one of them wed her, will he live to enjoy it?

9 male, 1 female

A trailer for the 2008 production: